Style drift and some Admicom thoughts

One of my favorite bloggers Alpha Vulture is latest hardcore value investor finding value in technology growth stocks, joining the ranks of Wexboy with Google and Warren Buffett with Apple. His writeup of XPEL is short and simple, but opens his thinking in key decision factors determining why the stock is undervalued: High 37x trailing … Continue reading Style drift and some Admicom thoughts

Vente-Unique.Com: Rusty Growth Stock?

Vente-Unique is a French pure-play e-commerce furniture retailer, and seemingly a busted IPO after having been listed last spring: The company has good long-term growth and profitability track record, ~8x revenues in last 9 years: (Note: The data refers to the control shareholder CAFOM's e-commerce segment, which is mostly, but not all, Vente-Unique. I think … Continue reading Vente-Unique.Com: Rusty Growth Stock?