I’m all over the place

Busy day today, bought some Jedat before the Japan close, then tiny positions to FNAC in France and Unicret in Italy during the day, and now Capri Holdings before the US close. And yesterday I was in Singapore and Vietnam (bought some more PYN Elite).

I think I will increase my emerging Asia allocation more going forward. More growth, less debt and lower valuations in the economies than in Europe or USA.


My working thesis with Corona is that if stock looks cheap assuming this year is mayhem losses and next year is bad and then gradual recovery over time, then I can buy. Not lot of stock clears those hurdless but there are some…

Someone said in Twitter that best thing having positions in multiple markets is that you can lose money 24/7. Literally true for me this week. YTD I’m down about 5 %.


Anyway, last thing for today was buying Capri Holdings, owner of Versace, Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors. With other luxury stocks it has been bombed in recent weeks. I tweet-stormed my thesis which I will rephrace here (original link):

Appendix: Fashion brand Instagram trends and monetization

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