To help navigation in the blog I have grouped all my posts to categories in the “table of contents” below.

First group is my current portfolio holdings and second my other writeups.

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Current or past portfolio holdings

Apetit – Finnish Food Conglomerate

  1. Cheapest stock of the week: Apetit
  2. Apetit: Food Conglomerate Turnaround (Part 1)
  3. Apetit: Food Conglomerate Turnaround (Part 2)
  4. Apetit H1/18 Pre-Commentary: Show Me the Money

Argo Group – Hedge Fund Manager

  1. Cheapest stock of the week: Argo Group Limited
  2. Argo Group: Light at end of the tunnel?

Catella – Financial Conglomerate

  1. Catella: Cheap Price Signal or Noise?
  2. Catella FY2017 Update: More Robust Than Ever?

CAFOM – Retail Conglomerate in French Overseas Regions

  1. CAFOM: Growing Electronics and Furniture retailer @ 6x P/E (excluding problems)
  2. Doubled down on CAFOM: Quick H1/18 update

Danske Andelskassers Bank- Local bank in Denmark

  1. “Trading diary”: Danske Andelskassers Bank

Elverket Vallentuna – Regulated Electricity Grid Operator

  1. Cheapest stock of the week: Elverket Vallentuna Ab
  2. Elverket Vallentuna revisited: Time for workout?
  3. On Swedish electricity grid business dynamics

Ferronordic Machines – Construction Equipment Dealer

  1. Cheapest stock of the week: Ferronordic Machines
  2. Ferronordic Machines: Russia, P/E 5 and 30% growth
  3. Ferronordic Machines Q3: Russia turning?
  4. Ferronordic prefs update: IPO conversion special situation

Groupe Cofdiur – French electronics subcontractor

  1. Groupe Cofidur: Simple Value or Corporate Governance Time Bomb?

Ilkka – E-marketsplace and media business

  1. Ilkka: Growing e-marketplace business with 6,9x P/E?

Installux: Aluminum Profile System Provider

  1. Installux: Switching Cost Competitive Advantage from France

Kotipizza – Restaurant Chain

  1. Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve…hindsight wisdom re Kotipizza
  2. Kotipizza: Bigger Slice of Pizza Market
  3. Trading diary entry: Purchase of Kotipizza

Martela – Office Furniture Manufacturer

  1. Cheapest stock of the week: Martela
  2. Martela revisited: Will iPad kill the furniture industry?
  3. Few more thoughts on Martela (part 3)
  4. Still no respect for Martela: Q4’15 update

Rezidor Hotel Group – International Hotel Operator

  1. Rezidor Hotel Group: Do Chinese Read Sun Tzu?

Telia Lietuva – Baltic Telco

  1. Telia Lietuva: Growing Baltic Telco (with Discount?) French Furniture E-Commerce Retailer

  1. Vente-Unique.Com: Rusty Growth Stock?

Other analysis

  1. Cheapest stock of the week: Arise Ab
  2. Cheapest stock of the week: Technopolis
  3. Cheapest stock of the week: Skånska Energi
  4. Medical Investment Trust: Private investment company 0.57 P/B
  5. BankNordic: Community Bank Far Away from the North Atlantic
  6. Millet Innovation (and self rant on value/tech investing controversy)
  7. Nordea sold and questions on conservativeness

Portfolio topics

  1. Drunk Uncles (and philosophy behind my investment strategy)
  2. Portfolio and blog situation update Q1/2017