Going nuclear: Assystem short notes

BusinessOne of the leading nuclear engineering companies in the world from FranceOperating mainly in France, UK, Central Europe, Middle-East and India to benefit from new nuclear buildup market and maintenance and decommissionings of existing nuclear fleetsIn the past, Assystem has focused more on maintenance engineering in France and UK, as the new-nuclear build-up market has … Continue reading Going nuclear: Assystem short notes

YTD returns, portfolio rundown (and story about boss)

YTD and COVID performance I have been a bit busy in work during the COVID mayhem, so I haven't been writing for a while. I'm down 10,4% YTD. Those leveraged retail and restaurant plays in Outre-Mer territories and Portugal going in almost got better of me. I was down over 30% at worst with almost … Continue reading YTD returns, portfolio rundown (and story about boss)