9.2.2020 Investment Journal: Vente-Unique update

Vente-Unique is a rusty growth company that has been one of my genius stock picks, currently clocking -50 %, give or take, from my purchase price. I was down even more during last year so I have been fighting with some negative reinforcement here for a while. At the time of the original writeup, I … Continue reading 9.2.2020 Investment Journal: Vente-Unique update

CAFOM: Corporate restructuring special situation

CAFOM is the largest electronics and furniture retailer in France’s overseas islands in Caribbean (“Outre-Mer"). It's operator of BUT furniture and DARTY electronics brands under franchise agreements. It also has 59% ownership in growing and profitable online only furniture retailer operating across Europe (“Vente-Unique”). Main owners are long time entrepreneurs. They have excellent track in … Continue reading CAFOM: Corporate restructuring special situation

Vente-Unique.Com: Rusty Growth Stock?

Vente-Unique is a French pure-play e-commerce furniture retailer, and seemingly a busted IPO after having been listed last spring: The company has good long-term growth and profitability track record, ~8x revenues in last 9 years: (Note: The data refers to the control shareholder CAFOM's e-commerce segment, which is mostly, but not all, Vente-Unique. I think … Continue reading Vente-Unique.Com: Rusty Growth Stock?

Doubled down on CAFOM: Quick H1/18 update

Recently, CAFOM, a French electronic, furniture and decoration retail conglomerate that I have position and that I have written investment thesis earlier this year, published its fiscal first half results for 2018, which showed that earnings for continuous operations have improved significantly. The main source of earnings growth for continuous operations was Habitat, a loss … Continue reading Doubled down on CAFOM: Quick H1/18 update

CAFOM: Growing Electronics and Furniture retailer @ 6x P/E (excluding problems)

CAFOM is a furniture, electronics and home decoration product retailer operating in French overseas departments, Europe, Africa and Asia. The investment case is traditional "good-part/bad-part" sum of parts value. The good parts include: 1) Outre-mer: The furniture and electronic white goods retail businesses in French over-seas territories mainly under the Darty and BUT brands through … Continue reading CAFOM: Growing Electronics and Furniture retailer @ 6x P/E (excluding problems)