YTD returns, portfolio rundown (and story about boss)

YTD and COVID performance I have been a bit busy in work during the COVID mayhem, so I haven't been writing for a while. I'm down 10,4% YTD. Those leveraged retail and restaurant plays in Outre-Mer territories and Portugal going in almost got better of me. I was down over 30% at worst with almost … Continue reading YTD returns, portfolio rundown (and story about boss)

9.2.2020 Investment Journal: Vente-Unique update

Vente-Unique is a rusty growth company that has been one of my genius stock picks, currently clocking -50 %, give or take, from my purchase price. I was down even more during last year so I have been fighting with some negative reinforcement here for a while. At the time of the original writeup, I … Continue reading 9.2.2020 Investment Journal: Vente-Unique update

Vente-Unique.Com: Rusty Growth Stock?

Vente-Unique is a French pure-play e-commerce furniture retailer, and seemingly a busted IPO after having been listed last spring: The company has good long-term growth and profitability track record, ~8x revenues in last 9 years: (Note: The data refers to the control shareholder CAFOM's e-commerce segment, which is mostly, but not all, Vente-Unique. I think … Continue reading Vente-Unique.Com: Rusty Growth Stock?